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For Moments
that Matter.

Your memories deserve better.

Who has time to organize 10,000 photos and videos? Not to mention, add descriptions to each one. Why spend more time organizing when there's a better way to capture?

Rich Capture.

Memories become richer as you use Mibio to document your life. Whether you want to record audio, take photos and videos, add from your library, record the weather, tag your location, or journal; you now have the perfect tool to document life any way you like.

Mibio works offline as well, so you can keep documenting even without an internet connection. Your content will automatically sync the next time you open the app with an internet connection.

Media managed.

Everything you capture or add to a story, from the title of each new moment, to the date and location, to photos or videos; become tiles that you can easily rearrange or edit creating a fun way to curate as you capture.

Mibio keeps moments beautiful and ready to relive while automatically managing all of the original media; keeping it backed up to the cloud and private. (desktop app coming)

Capture starts with a great camera.

No need to use multiple apps when it comes to documentation. Mibio has a full photo and video camera app built in. You can even make live adjustments. (Filters coming)

Publish live.

Stories are private by default, but click the publish button in a story and create a live web page that you can share. Add to or edit the story, and its live web view is updated in real time.

Only the link to the story is shared so you have complete control and can always unpublish a story and make it private again with just one click.

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