Meet Mibio

Welcome! Here at Mibio we are reinventing the way we capture and share stories. We’re not just talking about photos either. Think about it: when your brain makes a memory it is not just a picture. Your brain stores video moments, songs, bits and pieces of quotes and so much more to create just one memory. Mibio allows you to do just that without having to switch between a whole bunch of clunky apps.

You know how your friends sometimes say, “remember that time when…?”  And just like that your friend has added to the memory you have stored in your brain. Well guess what, with Mibio you can allow your friends and family to contribute their own content to the mix and help you create the perfect #mibiomoment.

You can even share your Mibio stories on social media sites if you want by simply publishing them and then sharing the link. The beauty is that while the stories you post on Facebook and Twitter will eventually get lost in the feed, your #mibiomoment will always be easy for you to find, edit and share because it is stored in the cloud.

We love to capture stories and create memories with our family and friends–from time to time we will even share them here on our blog. We wanted to introduce ourselves and invite you to join us in making this the best thing to happen to your memories since the invention of the camera phone.

Mibio Team

Click on the photo to find out more about the Mibio team.

Care about what we are doing? Then join us and let us know how we can make this perfect for you.

Share your Mibio Moments with us: tag @Mibio on Twitter with the hashtag #mibiomoments, on our wall or email it to us.

Stay tuned for lots more on this blog…and welcome to the family!

Halloween Stories

When I think of Halloween I am instantly transported back to elementary school. Back then, Halloween was a day filled with costumes, spooky wonder, and of course, candy!

As a kid the festivities started at school with the Halloween parade. We would gather in the school courtyard in our costumes, parading around while our parents snapped photos and delighted in our outfits. Once it was time to go we could barely contain our excitement because we knew it was almost time for trick or treating.

Gathering with our friends, now transformed into witches, ghosts, and Power Rangers (hey, it was the 90s), we walked door to door visiting our neighbors and collecting treats. My Halloween tradition has always been to return from trick or treating and watch Hocus Pocus with my friends while we ate candy.

For 20 years I have been keeping this tradition. Though I don’t go trick-or-treating anymore, I am looking forward to gathering with my friends, munching on Halloween treats, and snuggling with my very own black cat.

Check out the Pinterest pin above for my favorite recipe for Halloween cupcakes, care of Carla’s Confections.

Document your Halloween Story on Mibio and share it with us for a chance to get featured on our blog! You can tag @Mibio on Twitter, use the hashtag #mibiomoments, post it to our wall, or email it to us.