Meet the Team

Josh@2xJosh grew up on a gravel road in Kentucky. Although not ashamed of his redneck past, he didn’t excel as a country boy and fell in love with computers and technology when he was 12.  While traveling to parts of Asia and Africa doing photography and aiding in humanitarian work he realized his love for storytelling and photojournalism.

Josh had the idea for Mibio while needing a better way to document his newborn and at the same time document the stories of his WWII grandfather who was about to pass away. He saw the need  to create a new way to capture any kind of story. With storytelling and media management as his focus for the past 10 years along with his design background, he decided to put together a team to do just that.




Jon has worked in software development for 30 years. He designed software for film and television before traffic forced him out of LA.

Though he is very accomplished in the world of technology, Jon wanted to be a musician when he was younger. Now music is a passion he indulges in during his spare time.




Dee grew up in the Bay Area, practically next door to Apple and across town from Facebook. While most of her peers pursued careers in technology, Dee followed her passion to be come an adolescent counselor. After moving to Nashville in 2011 she thought she got as far away from tech as possible, only to realize she was homesick for just that.

Dee parlayed her passion for bringing people together and her organizational skills into a new career in marketing, where she gets to combine her psychology mojo and love for innovative technology and entrepreneurism. Dee spends her free time volunteering, indulging her fashion habit, and snuggling with her cat, Moriarty.



Austin@2xAustin is  a self taught coder who has been working for startups since 2005. He is always interested in finding new problems to solve and using new technology to solve them.

Austin enjoys mountain biking and working with his hands. He is also the proud father to two kids.



Nick@2xNick Wagner is a senior software engineer who has always had an affinity for computers.  To his parents frustration, he began taking apart anything electronics by the age of 8. By the time high school rolled around he was creating national print ads for major publishers.  In his spare time he enjoys cooking and spending time with his girlfriend and two dogs.



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